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Please Initial Type of Membership Desired

Regular Membership – Initiation $1,000. Monthly Dues $350; food & beverage minimum of $100 per month; includes use of pool.

Junior Membership – Initiation $1000, Dues vary by age until 40th birthday; food & beverage minimum of $85 per month; includes use of pool.

Corporate Membership – This membership is designed for multiple memberships from one business or corporation.

Non-Resident Membership – Initiation fee of $500. Must reside more than 60 miles from VCC for at least 8 months of the year. Annual fees for one golfer $860. If spouse is included $1,300. Annual dining minimum of $350. Includes golfing, dining, and option for pool.

Social Membership – Initiation $500. Dues are $60 per month; food & Beverage of $85 per month. Includes option for pool and limited golf.

Dining Membership – Dining privileges without dues or monthly minimum. No pool or golf available with this membership.

Preview Golf Membership – $1,200 provides limited opportunity for golf with no initiation or dues; no use of pool.

Path-To-Membership Promotion (40 & Over) – See details on Membership Options Description Page.

Path-To-Membership Promotion (Under 40) – See details on Membership Options Page

Please include your initiation fee with your application

Golf Members (Regular/Junior) requires an annual fee for:
1 club storage fee, 1 locker fee, & 1 range fee

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