About Us

Our Vision

Valpo Country Club is developing a strong position for the future. With a changing in the country club demographics it has gone to great lengths to define itself for the future. Members value the "family friendly" and warmer, more casual environment of the club. As with most other private clubs, its membership is constantly changing and becoming considerably younger. This fact generates a unique purpose of the club, to provide amenities and recreational opportunities for members and their families in a manner that is wholesome, enjoyable, and of consistent high quality.

There is no complacency among the Board of Directors or staff at Valpo. A long-range plan has been developed to ensure the Club’s needs are met in the future. Using input from the members, various committees of the Club, and the staff an extensive list of improvements has been developed which will keep the Valpo Country Club continuing to satisfy both the old and new membership member for the next decade.

There is much long-range planning going on to ensure that the Valpo Country Club remains one of the finest private clubs in Northern Indiana.

Clubhouse Side View

Clubhouse Front View